I photographed this scene from US-89 on the stretch between US-160 and US-89A. This land belongs to the Navajo reservation and it is breathtaking. In the end of the day, those gigantic mountains cast enormous shades on the world below them, creating a surreal universe of miniature houses and utility poles. It’s also a wind corridor. I had to steady myself behind my car to take this picture.
This photo was taken from US 89A between Lees Ferry and Jacob Lake on the Kaibab Plateau. It is one of the houses from the Cliff Dwellers complex in the Vermilion Cliffs National Monument. I drove by it in the middle of the afternoon, so I decided to take advantage of the sharp shadows the buildings create.
I arrived at Vermillion Cliffs National Monument, where it borders Kaibab National Forest, when forest rangers were conducting prescribed burning in parts of the forest to prevent bigger fires. What you see is the smoke coming from the forest.
I looked at this view and though, “Holy Mother Nature of gorgeousness!” And, had to take a picture, of course.
I shot this picture from US 89A on my way to Kaibab National Forest, as the sun faded behind the Kaibab Plateau.
I took this picture from the Saddle Mountain Overlook at Kaibab National Forest, just east of the entrance to Grand Canyon North Rim. I arrived at the forest late the night before, in the midst of a thunderstorm. I had a general idea of where I needed to go but couldn’t see any signs, so I parked in the first campground I found on FR 611 and slept in my car. I woke up before sunrise and drove several miles on FR 610, not knowing which road it was. I followed the light until I stumbled upon this view.
Adventure Photography
This lovely mule deer was all alone on the top of Saddle Mountain Wilderness at Kaibab National Forest. I got there by accident, after following an unmarked dirt road that was not appropriate for my SUV, which now features long scratches on both sides from the tree branches that invaded the road. The deer seemed surprised to see me, but when it realized I was only going to take its picture, it continued to munch on grass, only peeking at me from time to time.
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